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What can I do within my account?

As an applicant applying online, you can:

  • Sign up for a Child Care Regulation Pre-Application class (once you receive notification via your online account).
  • Submit an online eApplication to become a child care provider
  • View your application status
  • View the status of any required paper forms
  • Add / Update / View Controlling Person
  • Submit background check requests

As an applicant applying via mail, you can:

  • Submit background check requests

Once you receive a permit from HHSC Child Care Regulation to operate a child care operation, you can:

  • Submit background check requests and view the status of submitted background checks
  • Add / Update / View Controlling Person
  • Change your password
  • View your inspection history/compliance history
  • Submit a request for a waiver/variance
  • Submit changes to governing body information
  • 24-Hour Residential Care operations only:
    • Submit or change information on a verified agency foster home
    • Update provider vacancies
    • Submit information on Emergency Behavior Intervention


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Child Care Regulation Account Portal Manual

Child Placement Vacancy Database User Guide

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