Operation Details

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Operation Number: 520253
Operation Type: Licensed Center   
Program Provided: Child Care Program
Operation/Caregiver Name: Blessed Beginnings Pre-school
Location Address: 19222 TOMBALL PKWY
Mailing Address: 19222 TOMBALL PKWY
Phone Number: 281-469-4805
County: HARRIS
Website Address:
Email Address: asetiadi@pophouston.org
Administrator/Director Name: Anna Setiadi
Type of Issuance:What is an Issuance? Full Permit
Issuance Date: 9/16/1996
Permit Renewal Due By Date: 9/16/2024
Conditions on Permit:What is a Condition?    No
Accepts Child-Care Subsidies:What is a Childcare Subsidy?
Hours of Operation: 09:15 AM-03:00 PM
Days of Operation: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
Total Capacity: 140
Licensed to Serve Ages: Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, School
Number Of Admin Penalties: 0
Corrective Action:What is Corrective Action? No
Adverse Action:What is Adverse Action? No
Temporarily Closed: No
Five Year CCR Activity Summary
    Inspectors routinely monitor compliance with Licensing standards, rules and law. At a minimum, licensed and certified operations are inspected at least once a year; Registered Child Care Homes What is a Registered Child Care Home? are inspected at least once every two years, Listed Family Homes What is a Listed Family Home? are inspected only if there is a report of abuse/neglect or if we receive a report that the home is caring for too many children.

    When operations have serious deficiencies or a significant number of deficiencies, repeat deficiencies, or fail to make corrections timely, they are inspected more frequently by licensing staff, to ensure the health and safety of children in care.

  • In the last five years, CCR conducted the following:
8 - Inspections What is an Inspection?
1 - Assessments What is Assessments?
0 - Self Reported Incidents What is Self Reported Incidents?
0 - Reports What is Reports?
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Five Year Compliance Summary  
There are many minimum standards that an operation or home must comply with, and the total number of minimum standards varies for each type of operation or home. An operation or home is required to correct deficiencies and has the right to request a review of a deficiency. Deficiencies pending review are not included in the five-year history.

CCR assigns weights to the minimum standard and not to an individual operation, inspection, or circumstance. The weight ensures all inspectors consider minimum standard violations in the same way and represents the potential impact a deficiency might have on children. Weights are not intended to result in a ranking of operations or score.

Reviewing the additional details about a deficiency will help you learn more about the circumstances related to the deficiency.

  • During the last five years, 2993 standards were evaluated for compliance at this operation.

  • During the last five years, 6 deficiencies were cited. What is deficiency?
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  • The weights of the minimum standards cited as a deficiency in the past five years are as follows:
    1 was weighted as High
    3 were weighted as Medium - High
    1 was weighted as Medium
    1 was weighted as Medium - Low
    0 were weighted as Low
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Five Year Serious Injury and Fatality Summary:  

Please note that the following data is valid as of April 26, 2020. Child Care Regulation did not capture this data prior to this date.

Severity Total Number of Injuries Number of Injuries Due to a Violation of Minimum Standards or Rules
Near Fatal
History Of Number Of Employees Who Left Employment In Previous Years:  

This data reflects the number of employees who left employment during the calendar year listed. Employees include all full-time, part-time, and seasonal child-care center staff, including caregivers, kitchen staff, office staff, maintenance staff, assistant director, director, and owner. If you would like additional information about this number, please contact the center directly.

Please note Child Care Regulation began collecting this data in 2021 for the year 2020. Data prior to calendar year 2020 is not available.

Year Number of Employees Who Left the Operation Per Year
2022 9
2021 4
2020 7

Disclaimer: The online compliance history does not include minimum standard violations or corrective or adverse actions until after the child-care operation has had due process or waived its rights. HHSC disclaims liability for any errors or omissions from the compliance history information.

Website and Email addresses are based on information given to HHSC by the Operation/Caregiver. If you experience problems with these addresses, please contact the Operation/Caregiver.